1. How to Protect Yourself as a Model

    Something that has come up a few times when working with models (especially on Model Mayhem) is there’s photographers out there who don’t always have the best intentions. I’ve heard everything from telling models it’s not a nude shoot and then asking for them to undress, all the way to…

  2. Think About How You Use Instagram with The Flyer Theory

    No matter how you feel about Instagram, if you’re reading this you know that you need it. Period. Social Media can change careers. Instead of being stuck working with people in your 15 mile radius, you’re now open to the world. But if you’re reading this, you’re probably also using…

  3. Thoughts on Designing Your Website

    When it comes to designing a website, people don’t always put the thought into it that they should. Some people think I just need a place to put all of my work and people will see if they want to work with me. Unfortunately that’s not the case. For me,

  4. Gaining Confidence as a Portrait Photographer pt.1

    This is the first in a series of posts I want to write on real tips for new photographers looking to take portraits. Usually you see posts about what gear to use, what poses to do, and where to put your lights. You rarely ever see posts talking about how

  5. Gaining Confidence as a Portrait Photographer pt.2

     I hope you enjoyed the first part of this series. This post is more on what I like to do the day of the shoot. Some of it will be opinionated, but most will be appropriate for all situations. Some of it might seem superstitious or just plain over-thinking, but

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